Voip Phone System Install for Red Deer Businesses

We have been doing a short series of articles about various aspects of office phone systems. Now we are going to add in the latest technology trend for phone systems and that is VOIP. We will focus on several items of interest over the next few posts. For detailed information about VoIP, there are additional articles on this web site that you can refer to. VoIP phone system installation for Red Deer Businesses is becoming a large field for many companies.

VoIP Saves on Installation Cost


The major advantages for considering a VoIP installation is that the cabling from the IP PBX to the work station can be a combined cable for both data and voice. This saves installation costs with only one cable to install and it reduces the space needed in conduits that run from the telephone room to the work station again saving the business owner money. Often an Ethernet LAN will carry both the data traffic and the VoIP traffic to the work station. Routers will separate and apply the proper priority to the traffic at various points. An IP Phone can be moved from one work location to another simply by unplugging it at the original location and plugging it into another Ethernet termination jack. Jumpers do not need to be run inside wiring closets or in the telephone room and as long as the original programming in the VoIP switch is not being changed to add or remove features, no further work is required.

Employees Can Work From Home

Employees can even take their IP Phones home with them and use them at home as long as they have an internet connection. Once they plug the phone in, the phone syncs up with the VoIP office phone system and takes on the required attributes of the office phone. The employee can receive calls from customers and other employees as if they were at the office.

VoIP phone system installs for business customers can be set up rather quickly for brand new installations since all equipment and cabling will be installed to meet LAN requirements for the data system and also the VoIP system. The customer saves money by installing only one on premises network.


Conversions can be more complex, especially when some of the existing TDM phones will be retained and continue to operate of the existing PBX and an additional VoIP capability will be installed to handle employee growth. Some existing PBX’s can support multiple technology shelves so that both TDM and VoIP services can be operated from the same system. Older systems cannot support  this capability and discussions regarding how to evolve the office system will be needed.

The team from Business Phones Calgary will be pleased to discuss these details and many others with yu regarding VoIP phone installs in Red Deer.