LG Optimus GT540 Review


LG’s second Android handset to be voiced is a LG GT540, representing a acquire try to come up with something which looks a small opposite from a common black slabby inclination which you see.

Not all a GT540′s specifications have been expelled by LG, though what you do know for sure is which there’s a 3″ 320 x 480 pixel arrangement in 262,000 colours, a 3 megapixel camera with autofocus, await for HSDPA downloads (maximum speed 7.2 Mbps), HSUPA uploads (maximum speed 2 Mbps), microSD expandable mental recall (maximum 32GB), there is an FM air wave as well as 3.5mm audio hollow as well as it appears which a GT540 runs Android 2.0 [update: during launch a GT540 runs Android 1.6, though you pretence there will be an upgrade] .

We do not have any created acknowledgment which it has WiFi or GPS, though a little sources who have rubbed proof models explain which it does. LG were likewise deceptive about a selection of a closely associated GW620 when it was voiced final year. [Update: you can endorse which a Optimus GT540 does have WiFi as well as GPS]

One pass offered indicate with a LG GT540 is amicable networking – it supports entrance to sites such as Facebook, Twitter as well as Bebo by a “SNS Manager” which handles amicable networking services. This emphasis, total with a childish as well as utterly delicate pattern substantially gives a great idea as to a aim market.

The media player can cope with many formats, together with DivX as well as WMV movies, as well as a user interface has been tweaked somewhat with a little LG S-Class icons to give a little coherence with a rest of a range, though differently a LG GT540 seems similar to a flattering candid Android smartphone when it comes to altogether specifications.

Where a GT540 does mount out is in conditions of looks – a slight concave bend upon a tip as well as bottom of a phone creates it demeanour similar to it has shoulder pads, as well as a side of a handset has a pleasingly winding figure too. The finish has an surprising stormy effect, as well as there have been 4 colours to select from of white, pink, gray as well as black.

LG contend which a GT540 should be accessible globally from Apr 2010, nonetheless there is no superintendence upon price. Our most appropriate guess is which a GT540 should sell SIM-free for somewhere in a operation of €300 to €350 [update: sell cost is closer to €250, phone was recover in Jun 2010].

Update 11/7/10: right away accessible as well as branded in a little markets as a “Optimus”, a GT540 costs around €250 SIM-free, runs Android 1.6 as well as similar to roughly all alternative Android phones packs WiFi as well as GPS.


The handset, additionally well known as a LG Optimus 7 Quantum is a smallest device to lift Microsoft’s latest OS, though creates up for a distance with a slip out QWERTY keypad. The guys during Pocketlint seemed tender with a Optimus 7Q, that additionally offers a 1GHz processor, a 3.5 in. capacitive touchscreen as well as a 5 megapixel camera with 720p HD video capture.

The device has not nonetheless been reliable as entrance to a UK, though right away looks some-more approaching to be alighting upon shelves in a nearby future. The QWERTY sporting HTC 7 Pro is additionally approaching to land in Europe subsequent year, though if you’re unfortunate to get your hands upon a set of keys toting WP7 device, you’ll only have to have do with a Dell Venue Pro for now.