Reasons that will make you buy a Tecno phone on any day

A smartphone is no longer a luxury but a necessity that almost everyone should have. The absence of smartphones would really make life so hard that it would almost be impossible for people living in this generation to stay without one. Come to think of it; there are so many things that Tecno smartphones in Kenya have made it possible for people to do in the last few years. Maybe some throwback moments will make you remember what we are talking about, some years back, communicating with a friend or a loved one would require that you send a letter which could take three days to one week to get to the recipient.

A lot of money and time was required for such communication. Sometimes people had to wait for a whole year before they could meet and share all the experiences that they had had throughout the year, let us not forget the albums that we had for keeping most of our photos. Flash forward 2016 and all that is long gone, talking to a friend who is a thousand miles away is as easy and fast as talking to someone who is already there. This has been made possible by the evolution of smartphone technology. This happens to be the reason as to why everyone wants to have a smartphone as feature phones have proved to be a non-reliable source of communication.


The Tecno story is so interesting in Kenya as it came to make the lives of the many people who could not afford smartphones get their hands on one of them. Initially, we had very few smartphones that were too expensive that it would require a person with a middle income to save for a very long time to get one. Tecno saw the gap in the market and brought smartphones that were very affordable to the people. The introduction of Tecno phones made everything in Kenya different in a good way.

That is why after five years, Tecno has been doing an amazing job in the market. Other mid-range phones have come to the market, and I have to say that they have been giving Tecno phones some competition. The fact that there are many models that also happen to be affordable does not mean that Tecno phones don’t tick, below are some of the reasons as to why you shroud consider buying a Tecno phone.

Tecno phones happen to be one of the most affordable smartphones in Kenya. I agree that there has been a very high competition with smartphones as so many companies are providing the Kenyan market with highly affordable smartphones making it a little bit tricky for Tecno phones to maintain the rising consistency in the market. This does not mean that Tecno has lost its edge in as far as affordability of their smartphones is concerned. A look at any Tecno phone will give you an idea of how an affordable phone looks like. Tecno combines quality and style and gives you a package that is too good for you. We cannot complain Tecno has been tried and proved to be a phone worth having at any time.

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Anyone looking for a phone that can promise a good performance will definitely get it from Tecno. Apart from a few models that have already been faced out, most of the models released in 2016 are updated coming with some of the best features that would make you buy a phone on any day. The good thing is that you get a phone which has the best in smartphone technology at a really low price

Availability, Tecno is one of the phones that you will never miss in any shop display wherever you are in Kenya. You don’t have to worry that you have to be in a major town to get your hands on Tecno smartphones. Tecno has made it its business to widely distribute their phones in all parts of the country. We all know that for us to get some of the high-end phones such as Samsung, we definitely need to be in a major town for that to happen. At least this is not the case with Tecno smartphones. I will not forget to mention that Tecno happens to be one of the most sold phones in online stores that are in Kenya.


This actually makes things easier for anyone who would want to get a Tecno phone. You can order from anywhere you are in the country, and you will get it delivered right to your doorstep. This is an amazing development that was not there a few years ago when most of us had to physically look for a product which happens to be time-consuming, and it is not always a guarantee that you will get the product that you are looking for on that same day.

Anyone looking to invest in a mid-range phone that offers nothing less of quality should look no further as Tecno is the way to go. Tecno P3 was among the very first Tecno phones in the country. A few years have gone by, and you will still find a few people owning one of these phones. The only issue may be that the performance is not at par as with most phones that have come to the market but that is expected. We all know that electronics depreciate from the moment they start being used. Tecno P3 is a phone that can deliver the basics that you would want in a smartphone.

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This tells us that Tecno is a brand that has dedicated to giving its users the best quality as far as their products are concerned. That is the main reason as to why most people will upgrade from a Tecno phone to a better Tecno phone. The quality of the Tecno phones is actually what has kept this phone in business for a very long time. People want gadgets that can offer them good quality for their money. Tecno has been able to do exactly what people want. Thus, anyone considering a phone should automatically think of Tecno

Truth be told, Tecno happens to be one of the most affordable phones with the best specs. Gone are the days when the size of the phone used to impress us. People are nowadays looking for a phone that has good specs which can compete with some expensive models that are in the country. Tecno has always had it going with specs at times giving us better deals than some of the most known brands. For instance, Tecno is among the phones that are capable of giving you a large battery capacity that will keep you going for a very long time. There are Tecno phones that have large battery capacities of close to 6000mAh. Such batteries take you for longer hours and sometimes days without you having to recharge them.

Android 6.0 is the new kid in town, and Tecno has made it its business to offer this new version to its customers. Most Tecno phones that are making an entry into the market are running on this version. With Tecno, you are guaranteed that you get everything new in the tech world. It would not be fair if I failed to mention about the camera. In all mid-range phones in Kenya, Tecno happens to be the one with the best camera. The previously launched Tecno C9 boasts of a 13MP front camera and a 13MP rear camera. This phone not only boats of the camera but runs on the latest Android OS, has a good battery, a high performance, and the design is really awesome. The best part is that you get this phone with less than 15K. That is how juicy Tecno deals happen to be.



There are a thousand and one reasons as to why you can always consider buying a Tecno phone. I say that Tecno is the new black in town, one of the phones that give you irresistible deals that you cannot ignore. Ask anyone who has a Tecno phone and they will tell you that they are always upgrading to another Tecno phone. A phone that is a position to give you the best with the least amount of money is sure the way to go.

This is the deal that most people on campus and the group that has just started working cannot ignore. Tecno has actually made life easier for people, and more to that, made most people afford a smartphone something that was next to impossible a few years ago.